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Dalian International Beach Culture Festival interpretations of romantic passion

Date: 2013-07-11

Recently, the Dalian Municipal Government, Dalian Jinzhou New Area Administrative Committee of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort Zone contractors to "Decade cadenza, ten Gold Coast" as the theme of "Wanda stone Tiancheng "2013 Dalian International Beach Culture Festival opened at Pebble Beach Gold Coast.

Opening Ceremony of the sea and air performances blooming passion, a bright sandy beaches, bright sea, romantic parade, bright smile ....... In Pebble Beach Gold Coast held a grand show, for the general public, highlighting the romantic fashion, simple, showing the construction of Dalian Municipal People's Ningxinjuli rich, beautiful, civilized Dalian spirit.

Beach Culture Festival embodies Dalian Summer "3S" feature, unique cultural characteristics of international seaside tourism festivals. Ambilight decade, decade creates brand. As a "romantic ยท Fashion Dalian" in a beautiful card, Beach Culture Festival to promote international exchange and cooperation, enhance the international reputation of Dalian, in order to boost tourism consumption, promote economic development, to promote the construction of a modern international city has made important contributions. Dalian Jinzhou New Area as the core of a new urban area, to develop cultural tourism industry, to promote international cultural tourist city construction, both optimizing the industrial structure, change the mode of development, accelerate the process of global urbanization an important measure, but also the Dalian municipal government given important mission. Pebble Beach as the first state-level tourist resort, a national coastal geological parks, national 5A-class tourist attractions and Liaoning Provincial Cultural Industries Demonstration Zone, the development of tourism in the city holds an important position, the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort Zone to Beach Culture Festival as an opportunity to further promote the cultural tourism industry healthy and rapid development of Dalian tourism development and make new and greater contributions.

Cultural Festival will be held this beach sand sculpture sand sculpture exhibition-cum-public contest, beach and Microsystems Film Festival Photography Contest, Beach Ultimate Frisbee Park and International Beach Ultimate Frisbee tournament, beach carnival Month activities, the national amateur Beach Volleyball Tournament, Chinese style King wrestle wrestling tournament, Dalian Discovery Kingdom "Carnival Caribbean" summer celebration, "Dalian Miss" contest, Pebble Beach Gold Coast swimming carnival season, China (Dalian) DanceSport Open, "the charm of China" National Youth Talent Competition and Award celebration, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Invitational sailing and closing ceremonies and other 13 themed events.

It is reported that the Golden Pebble Beach as the first national tourist resort, National Geological Park Marina, in 2010 successfully won the state 5A-class tourist attractions, in 2012 won the Liaoning Province Hot Springs Resort, U.S. CNN named China's most beautiful 40 year 2012 scenic spots, one earlier this year by the National Tourism preliminary ecological demonstration zones; now declared a national marine park, tourism is thriving. With the Dalian International Beach Culture Festival held for cultural industry development has also made remarkable achievements. District Daqing Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., Dalian Discovery Kingdom theme park two units were named National Cultural Industry Model Base; Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort of Liaoning Provincial Department of Culture named "Liaoning Provincial Cultural Industries Demonstration Zone" . (Li Fei)