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The upgrading of rural tourism in Dalian

Date: 2013-06-25

WASHINGTON reporter Su Dapeng, Liu Yunzhu correspondent reports: Dalian Jinzhou New Area has acres of lavender fields Xi Zi Yun flower, Van Courtyard and small Montenegro Country Park and other tourist attractions, attracting many visitors relaxing vacation. Relying on local resources, Dalian Jinzhou New Area is becoming an important force in the development of rural tourism. Not just the Jinzhou New Area, ganjingzi, Port Arthur, Wafangdian other places are also full build distinctive rural tourism routes, and jointly promote the rapid development of rural tourism in Dalian.

In recent years, rapid development of rural tourism in Dalian, ecological protection as a prerequisite to travel large projects as the starting point, the city's rural tourism industry has shown good momentum of development. Around "a park two village" and rural tourism festival activities, Dalian rural tourism into the high-end, boutique new stage of development, the introduction of leisure farms, picking experience, agricultural park, eco-tourism, specialty villages, roaming and greenways festivals and other products. As of last year, Dalian has developed 20 tourist towns, 60 villages and 331 professional provincial and municipal stars agriculture (fishing) Knorr, and the emergence of a large number of leisure Villa, agriculture and other agricultural sightseeing garden leisure complex. In 2012, Dalian rural tourism tourists 10,750,000 passengers, representing 22% of the city's total number of visitors; achieve consolidated revenues of 5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 21.85%.

It is understood that this year, Dalian will further increase rural tourism development efforts around the "agricultural eco-tourism park, tourism and leisure farms, village tourism, quality tourism picking Park" construction, promote agricultural tourism resource-rich areas to agricultural tourism industry zone development, focusing on creating a number of eco-tourism park, tourism and leisure farms, villages and tourism professional quality tourist picking Park, promote the upgrading of rural tourism.