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The only castle hotel Waiting for the prince and princess in dalian

Date: 2014-09-14

Dalian castle luxury hotel grand opening is expected in mid - 2014, this is a luxury international starwood hotels and resorts group selection (TheLuxury Collection ®) brand in China for the opening of the fifth hotel, also is the first domestic castle hotel, one of the most representative of the property for the brand.
Dalian castle luxury collection hotel is located in the lianhua mountains overlooking the famous XingHaiWan and yellow sea, is the shining pearl in dalian. Beginning in 2009, a group international HeXiDa starwood hotels and resorts group jointly launched XingHaiWan castle transformation plan, will XingHaiWan castle into a five-star hotel, strive to maintain the existing style, based on the built more grand, magnificent castle hotel, become a landmark project in dalian. Dalian castle luxury hotel is grand opening in the middle of 2014, will be featured luxury of having a unique style, the local amorous feelings of the unique experience to all customers.
Dalian, the pearl of the north of China is the most warm guardian: castle originated in medieval Europe, was originally nobles built due to the need of war defense, were built on the cliff or the water's edge. As the days went past, shed increasingly thick smoke castle in years, become the symbol of strong and inside information. High, solid wall to make more romantic breath, guarded the castle one piece comfortable private life, intoxicating. So, this a luxury collection hotel castle is dalian dalian "the pearl of the north" is the most warm, guardian after one hundred years of romantic manner, to protect her thriving vitality new shapes.