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Netizens initiative "against waste reception" dalian ideas will appear on the BBS

Date: 2014-08-21

Recently, the netizen "cassano minted in dalian" wedding network BBS posts, calling for "the wedding banquet waste alliance" caused attention, reply within a week thousands of people, eighty percent of netizens support "cassano minted" point of view. Reporters found that the hotel in zhuhai traditional waste reception, due to the wedding banquet prices, dishes and for several years, has been difficult to move 80 after 90 after the couple. Eleven "golden week" this city wedding peak, but this year the hotel wedding banquet reservation is rare gap.
Wedding banquet dishes to eat half half
"Wedding banquet nothing to eat" is a lot of people in mind, our city a hotel chef chan master said: "wedding banquet dishes innovation rarely, I made nine years of wedding banquet dishes, there are only a few dishes done fine-tuning, most of the dishes unchanged for many years. In the past the hotel does not care about, wedding banquet is scene, as to any special guests are not very concerned about. But in the past two years calls for reform of wedding banquet dishes are more and more high."
Reporter visited many hotels found that ninety percent of the hotel reception waste is obvious, and even individual reception half desks nobody move, was eventually collapse. Wedding banquet waste main reason or food stand still unattractive.
Don't buy traditional wedding banquet zhang after 80 after 90
Reporter from northeast Asia to understand (dalian) wedding market research center, eleven golden week this year, more than eighty percent of the hotel in the city have a wedding banquet space, accept reservation at any time. Even individual hotel 11 half hall during idle, and past eleven "golden week" this is hard to find, reception hall to a year in advance booking form bright contrast.
"Hotel reception such dilemma, adventurous no feature is an important factor." Association of wedding ever for some couples the questionnaire survey, seventy percent of respondents said the traditional wedding banquet dishes. "Previous wedding banquet dishes are to be decided by new parents, but new people to participate in the composition of the last two years is more and more big." Wedding association secretary sun shanshan said, "80 after the couple involved after 80, they launched for hotels' copy 'traditional food fed up."
A hotel reception practitioners wang said, "the hotel wedding banquet price rose again and again, and wedding banquet dishes unproductive, in addition to the" family "is" crystal elbow son ', which emphasizes the personality innovation of 80 after 90 after the couple not, wedding banquet dishes change is imperative."
Industry "the tip of the tongue wedding" change
In an interview with the reporter understands, the relevant departments have combined several local hotels, explore and began to push the city wedding banquet to change, to proceed to have "face" dalian characteristics snacks, special introduce the wedding reception, instead of more than ten years of traditional dishes. "Such as replace family with Fried stew son, replace crystal elbow with onion with false abalone, etc. On the one hand, to lower the price of wedding banquet, on the one hand, like" on the tip of the tongue of China ", let the wedding banquet dishes really disturb guests taste buds, no longer like the traditional wedding banquet, half of all food are made." Etiquette celebration in liaoning province association executive vice President of LuZhenPing said, "' wedding on the tip of the tongue is used to implement the reception to change, has received the support of many hotels in dalian and response, it will be in dalian or wedding banquet a direction of the development of the market in the future.
The reporter understands, "wedding on the tip of the tongue" network platform is opening, zhuhai newcomer can choose dishes through this platform, has scored the wedding banquet dishes can also comment on, or even vomit slot, etc. Dalian this wedding change initiative to cause the attention of the domestic industry, the recent national BBS will be invited to exchange experience.