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Dalian hot spring project full blossom

Date: 2014-10-09

In the past, the "hot summer and cold winter" seems to become the pronoun of dalian tourism. To break through the "cold winter" the bottleneck of tourism, in recent years, dalian is put forward based on urban resources and location, industrial advantages, realize the leap-forward development of hot spring tourism industry, hot spring industry in the province take the lead in development. Now dalian hot spring project has formed full flowering, each has its own characteristics, the pattern of seamless docking.
In the hot spring tourism projects planning, major projects for any hot springs as the dot, can drive half an hour to find another hot spring big projects, and these big project between hot springs, in the architectural style, hot spring water, bathing culture in such aspects as supporting function and each has its own characteristics. Wafangdian, incense state rural city hot spring project planning of the north "Bali" amorous feelings, to create the tropical tourism products; Cove district green longtan spa town into a hot spring leisure and shopping in the integration of tourism products "has been gloriously enrolled"; Chinese style of the east spring holiday hotel and Japanese three periods of the Ming lake hot spring is also unique.
These hot spring big project is not the amount of growth, but hot spring positioning with the past has a qualitative leap. Dalian in the planning and construction hot spring big projects at the same time, the project construction in strict accordance with the implementation of the national hot springs hotel star standard construction, national hot star in hot spring water quality standard, hotel, a-class tourist scenic spot, differentiate clearly the star standard of hot spring hotels.
After years of development and construction, dalian many hot springs large project has been opened. In 2011, wafangdian neosaurus lu hotel, dalian stone aristocrats tang is opening the international hot spring hall; In 2012, the long mountain islands widely kashima haichang hot spring resort opened seven projects; Opened lushun day mu hot spring this year, the cove district east spring resort hotel with high-end features and the price of the populist get tourists favor. Hot spring tourism small town construction is the main carrier of dalian hot spring industry development, the city is now 12 provincial spa town planning construction, including pulandian amber spa town, the fastest progress has built more than 40 hot spring hotel, reception capacity of more than 20000 people a day; "Waste Shang Liangyun the march spa" is positioning for the key projects of backyard hot spring bath, a few days ago has entered a stage of soft opening.
Dalian as the hot spring tourism industry is growing rapidly, investment and consumption function, effectively promote the global urbanization. Only in the first half of 2013, the number of hot spring tourism in dalian reached 2.476 million, up 19.14% from a year earlier, income is 551 million yuan, up 26.80% from a year earlier, a direct employment of 13800 people, 83000 people drive related industry employment.